Web Design Service Explained

Did you know that most of the sites are designed without even thinking about SEO, they often do SEO later, and that causes more problems.

If you building your site or revamping your existing site, do it the right way with a solid SEO foundation.

Watch the video below to learn more about how we design SEO-optimized websites!


0:01 Hey guys, David from Incify, and today I’m going to show you how we build SEO-optimized websites that not only look good but attract traffic and convert that traffic into revenue.

0:12 So let’s get started. In this service walkthrough, I’ll cover the strategy that we often use, the roadmap and how the project unfolds, how we do reports and communication, and we’ll look at some case studies and samples.

0:26 And lastly, we’ll talk about the growth options. So we use a unique approach to building websites. It’s a simplified process that removes any guesswork.

0:36 First, we start with planning, research, and strategy development where we share ideas, look at the competitor’s sites, and discuss the sales copy and possible layouts.

0:47 After that, we develop the sales copy based on the messaging, the customer’s pain point, and the solutions offered in a storytelling format that puts your customer first.

0:58 Once we have the sales copy ready and we’ve agreed on the theme and style, our team will develop super realistic, high-fidelity mockups using Figma, an interactive mockup that looks exactly like the the final product.

1:12 And during that stage, you can give your feedback, you can discuss changes, and we can tweak things together until you are happy with the site.

1:20 But once a design is approved, we move into production and the rest is history. Every site we build comes standard.

1:28 With an SEO foundation, the site will load fast, it’ll look good on mobile, and it will pass the core web vital tests. 1:36 Not only that, but during the development stage, we’ll set up your analytics and will track everything important. So that gives you a complete website.

1:46 The whole process takes between 30 to 90 days, depending on the complexity of the project and the number of pages.

1:53 But after that, you’ll have two options. Either you take over and we end the project or we continue with SEO 360 degree managed services where we take care of your SEO.

2:06 Our retainer packages cover everything from content management and technical maintenance to link building and reporting. We go along with you and we make sure that your site is evolving, that it’s growing in traffic, and that it’s delivering what it promises.

2:21 So let’s talk about the roadmap and the investment needed in each stage. The first stage is planning and strategy, which will take about 30 to 45 days to complete, and it requires a one-time fee paid in advance.

2:37 Stage two is the launchpad site where we design and develop the site, delivering it to you in the form of a complete product.

2:46 So this timeframe is usually 90 days and requires a one-time fee paid in two milestones. The last stage is optional, but it’s mostly designed to maintain your website with An always-on SEO campaign.

3:01 It’s all-inclusive and it covers your content, your link building, technical maintenance, and reporting. So this stage requires a monthly payment and we can customize it to fit your budget and goals.

3:15 The contract is for 12 months, and it comes with a cancellation notice of 60 days. In terms of our communication, we keep it simple.

3:25 We use Figma for design, mockups, feedback loops, and communication between clients and teams. In addition to that, we use Asana as the main project management tool.

3:36 We use Loom for video recording and we use Slack for quick messaging. We also offer biweekly check-in calls and ongoing reporting.

3:46 So what sets us apart? Why should you choose in sfi? Firstly, we only offer a complete solution to a problem.

3:55 We don’t offer designs that look great, but serve no function. All of our websites are designed to generate traffic and convert that traffic into customers.

4:06 In the end, that’s the goal for building a website. Second, we’re an SEO agency at heart, and our core is ranking and organic traffic, but our beating heart is conversions and 10 times roi, and you’ll see all of that reflected in our design process.

4:22 Thirdly, we only hire UX UI designers. We don’t just hire any designers. We hire problem solvers and data scientists, and you can request access to our case studies anytime we’re completely open.

4:35 We’re completely transparent. We’re happy to walk you through to show you what we did for our clients and what types of websites we manage to build for them.

4:44 So here are some of our case studies. This is one of our web projects, not only designing websites that look great, but constantly evolving, growing in traffic and delivering high impact.

4:58 This is another case study from the health industry where we not only designed their website, but we also managed their content and SEO.

5:06 And the impact was noticeable. Within three months of updating the site, their bottom line had been greatly improved and many more customers were being acquired.

5:16 And that’s the main goal. That’s our main goal, and that’s the goal of building websites. This is another example where we took an old-looking site that wasn’t generating any traffic and we revamped it completely.

5:29 So within months, the traffic jumped from 8,000 a month to 40,000 a month. And I’ll tell you why, because we don’t only make things that look good, we actually design for the user.

5:40 We build websites that solve problems, and that’s what Google wants. More importantly, it’s what your customer wants, it’s what you want.

5:50 And here are some of the sites that we’ve built in the past few years. Over the last five years, we’ve built more than 100 sites, but Many of them have to remain undisclosed because of nondisclosure agreements.

6:01 However, we’re always happy to walk you through detailed case studies if you’re interested, and we can show you what we’ve done for those companies.

6:09 So thanks so much for your time. Hopefully, this aligned with what you’re looking for. And if it did, book a call with one of our consultants today.

6:17 Let us give you a free assessment. We’ll give you a consultation and strategy, and there’s no obligation. It’s completely free, and you will gain so much value and actionable insight from it.

6:29 Thank you for watching.