[CASE STUDY] – 922.38% Surge in Organic Traffic for an E-Learning Platform in 12 Months

Client Background

Lecturio is an e-learning platform that offers high-quality educational content for students and professionals in the fields of medicine, business, and law. Since 2020, they have been working with our marketing agency to improve their online presence and generate more sign-ups through SEO.


Lecturio faced fierce competition in the e-learning market and needed to increase their organic traffic and conversion rate to attract more users to their platform. They sought our agency’s expertise in SEO and customer acquisition to help them achieve their growth objectives.


Comprehensive SEO Strategy for Sustainable Growth and Improved Conversions

Our team at Incify employed a multi-faceted approach to help Lecturio achieve their objectives:

  1. Technical SEO maintenance: We ensured that the website’s technical health remained above 90% (as per SEMrush) by routinely monitoring and addressing any technical issues.
  2. Internal link building: We systematically strengthened Lecturio’s internal linking structure to enhance the user experience and improve site navigation.
  3. Content creation: We consistently produced 8-10 high-quality blog posts per month, focusing on relevant topics and targeted keywords to attract the desired audience.
  4. Content recycling: We periodically refreshed older content, updating information and optimizing it for current SEO best practices.
  5. Link acquisition: We actively acquired high-quality external links to boost Lecturio’s domain authority and search engine rankings.
  6. Outreach campaigns: We launched strategic outreach initiatives, such as link exchange and content contribution, to further expand Lecturio’s online presence and build valuable partnerships within the industry.


Exceptional Growth in Organic Traffic, Sign-ups, and Conversion Rate

Our comprehensive SEO strategy and diligent execution delivered outstanding results for Lecturio:

  1. 922.38% Increase in organic traffic: Our targeted approach to SEO and content marketing led to a remarkable surge in organic traffic, exposing Lecturio to a broader audience and driving more potential customers to their platform.
  2. 53,023 Sign-ups attributed to SEO: The heightened visibility and improved content quality directly contributed to 53,023 new sign-ups, showcasing the effectiveness of our SEO tactics in driving user engagement and conversions.
  3. 100% of targeted keywords pushed to page 1: By optimizing website content, building internal and external links, and focusing on high-potential keywords, we successfully pushed 100% of targeted keywords to the first page of search engine results.
  4. 32% Increase in conversion rate: Our efforts to enhance site navigation, user experience, and content quality resulted in a substantial 32% increase in the platform’s conversion rate, driving a higher return on investment for Lecturio’s marketing efforts.


“Incify’s team took Lecturio’s SEO to a whole new level. Working with them has been so smooth, and we’re thrilled with the results. We look forward to many more years of collaboration!”

Stefan Merker, CMO at Lecturio

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