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Elevate your brand to new heights by partnering with the ideal influencers from Indonesia who truly resonate with your target audience.

Boost Brand Awareness

When Indonesian customers see their favourite influencers endorsing your product or service, they are more likely to trust it and be willing to try it out.

Generate Authentic Content

Gain access to genuine content created by someone outside your company or team. Influencers are often seen as trusted sources and can create engaging content that resonates with their Indonesian audience.

Connect with the Ideal Influencer

Enhance your Indonesian campaign’s success by collaborating with influencers who align with your objectives. Access our extensive network of micro and macro-influencers from Southeast Asia to find your ideal match.

Grow Your Sales & Revenue

Experience remarkable sales and revenue growth with heightened brand awareness, genuine content, and solid relationships that drive customer loyalty and excitement!

Here’s How It Works

We enhance your brand’s exposure in Indonesia by connecting your products with influencers who understand it.

Campaign Brief

Fill up a quick questionnaire to help us grasp your campaign goals in the Indonesian market.


Our team will select a list of Indonesia-based influencers for your approval, matching your brand, and then plan and execute the campaign.

Get Results

We send you detailed reports that show progress and essential metrics tracked from the start.

Easy process – Full transparency – Measured results

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Frequently Asked Questions

Discover answers to the most frequently asked questions below. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, feel free to reach out to us with your query.

Influencer marketing is a unique form of social media marketing that relies on influencers or individuals who have built trust and authority within a specific niche, industry, or community in Indonesia. Influencers can range from celebrities and public figures with millions of followers to everyday people with a strong online presence and influence in their local communities.

The influencer marketing industry in Indonesia has experienced significant growth in recent years. As more businesses recognize the value of collaborating with influencers to reach their target audience, the industry continues to expand. With a large and active social media user base, Indonesia presents a prime market for influencer marketing campaigns.

Influencers help Indonesian companies establish trust and credibility with their target audience. People are more likely to trust recommendations from peers and influencers rather than advertisements from large corporations. Brands of all sizes can benefit from the word of mouth generated by influencers with various audience sizes, leading to increased brand awareness and improved ROI.

Finding the ideal influencers to partner with can be challenging, especially when targeting the diverse Indonesian market. At Incify, we leverage data to identify the best influencers who can genuinely represent your products and resonate with your target audience. Once we receive your brief, our team will research and propose a list of suitable influencers based on your campaign goals and budget.

Influencer marketing agencies connect brands with relevant influencers in their industry, helping to identify the most effective ways to collaborate and build lasting relationships that produce positive results in terms of sales, conversions, and engagement. At Incify, we cover everything from strategy to execution, ensuring a successful influencer marketing campaign tailored to the Indonesian market.

Influencers in Indonesia can be categorized into several types, including micro-influencers, celebrity influencers, niche influencers, macro-influencers, and engagement influencers. Each type has its unique characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses, making it essential to choose the right type of influencer based on your campaign goals and target audience.

User-generated content (UGC) is any content created by fans and followers and shared via social media, often featuring themselves or the products they promote. UGC can range from photos and videos to reviews and comments. When used effectively in combination with influencer marketing, UGC can create a powerful connection with the Indonesian audience, building trust and expanding your brand’s online presence.

The cost of an influencer marketing campaign in Indonesia depends on several factors, including the agency’s fees, influencer rates, and ad spend. Each campaign is unique, and costs will vary accordingly. At Incify, we offer flexible pricing options to suit different campaign

  1. Discovery & Goal Setting

  2. Influencer Identification & Vetting

  3. Influencer Outreach & Negotiation

  4. Content Development & Creative Briefing

  5. Content Review & Approval

  6. Content Distribution & Promotion

  7. Monitoring & Engagement

  8. Reporting & Analysis

  9. Post-Campaign Review & Follow-up

  1. Incify currently service Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippine, Korea, Australia & U.S Markets.

Yes, subject to KOLs term of service, they often allow a special UGC license to be used in ads campaigns for an additional cost. Both UGC licensing and media buying are handled by Incify and quoted separately as add-ons.

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