Content Marketing Service Explained

Content marketing is the heart of SEO, without content there would be no SEO.

We at Incify offer unique content marketing services that cover everything you need to continue in growing your traffic, attract a quality audience and share your thought leadership.

Watch the video below to know how we do blog management, and what to expect from this service!



0:00 Hey guys, Dave here from Incify, and I’m going to show you how we do blog management and why it’s critical if you’re serious about increasing your traffic and conversions.

0:09 So let’s get started. In this service walkthrough, I’ll cover the strategy that we often use, the roadmap and how the project unfolds, how we do reports and communication, and we’ll also look at some case studies and samples.

0:23 And lastly, we’ll talk about the growth options. So we use a hybrid content strategy that focuses on two things, content and links, and it starts with a content assessment that we offer for free.

0:36 Just visit our website and make the request. It’s free, and believe me, you’ll be happy that you did. So what you get during this content assessment is we’ll audit your website content and filter out the good articles from the bad ones.

0:49 We’ll also compare it to your competitor’s content to get a better understanding of what type of content is needed to rank for keywords and to attract natural links since those are the main two goals for this type of service.

1:02 After that, we move into the foundation stage by cleaning up any broken content. We’ll optimize the page’s metatags, resolve any thin content issues, and thoroughly examine the old content that’s outdated and not performing well to bring it back to the first page.

1:19 During this stage, we also build a six-month calendar plan that covers exactly what content will write, and which keywords to track and will build a report to track key metrics.

1:31 Once we finish the foundation stage, we move into always-on campaigns and a set of monthly activities using different tactics.

1:39 So some of the things that we cover during this stage are things like internal links where we link from other pages in your sites to your targeted pages to improve the traffic flow and keywords rankings. 1:51 We’ll look at content recycling, so look at your old content and refresh it with updated content to boost its ranking.

1:59 We cover blog management, building a complete content calendar that covers all of your SEO content needs, and this is where we expand the keywords universe and constantly increase your traffic.

2:12 Linkable assets is another thing that we look at building content that attracts links naturally, and this can also be used for link exchange campaigns later on.

2:23 We cover content promotion through social media and site mentions, and we do reports. This is where we track and report all the important metrics to accurately measure the success of your content.

2:35 The key to success here is having an always-on-content calendar and staying consistent with the effort that can’t be overstated enough.

2:44 The consistency factor, a typical content management campaign follows a similar roadmap in the first month. We cover the project kickoff, so analyzing your competitors, doing keyword research, and assess your content, And then we set the foundation by fixing any critical issues that can give us faster results.

3:05 In months two and three, we continue the effort in strengthening the foundation. So we start with building linkable assets that we can promote to attract natural links, plan out your content calendar, recycle old content, and optimize the metatags of every page in your blog.

3:22 And these are just some of the things that we’ll do to strengthen the foundation. After that is always on campaigns, actively producing new content, maintaining the keywords rankings, and promoting the content to attract natural links.

3:36 The always-on campaign’s purpose is to keep the effort consistent. Google loves consistency and that’s what works. Our communication is simple.

3:47 All of our project communication is done by Asana. With full transparency, you’ll know who works on what and what’s planned for the next three months, and you can talk and discuss any task directly on Asana.

4:01 In addition, we use Loom for video communication. We have a live reporting portal for you to easily access any information, and we do biweekly check-in calls so that you’re always in the loop and you always know what’s happening.

4:16 So a question we get often is what sets Inhi apart from the rest? Why choose Incify? Firstly, we only use white hat tactics with full transparency following Google guidelines.

4:30 Second, all of our content is written by professional writers with years of experience and countless contributions, and you’ll know exactly who’s writing your content.

4:40 Thirdly, we use a strategy that’s been tested successfully for dozens of businesses, a strategy that focuses on the users first and the algorithm Second, if that’s hard to believe, my advice is to request a demo call.

4:55 We can show you detailed case studies of what we did for other clients and businesses, and we can show you in detail the results that we achieved for them.

5:04 So this is one of our case studies. We have a 90% success rate in doubling traffic within six months of starting a project.

5:12, In this case, study, we tripled the traffic in nine months and almost doubled the signup rates. This isn’t unusual, and this is what we can do for your business.

5:22 In another case study, our client specifically asked to improve the contact rate, not any contact but qualified leads. This is for a B2B health industry where one lead is worth thousands so they know truly, truly know, and understand the value of SEO and its impact on revenue.

5:43 Within nine months, we doubled the number of qualified leads, and the result was that they got a 10 times to return on investment.

5:50 So for every dollar they spent in SEO, they got $10 back. Another case study here is Where we increase the traffic from 8,000 a month to 40,000 a month in eight months, and that’s using the same strategy that we’ll be using for your website.

6:06 So these are just some of the samples of our case studies, but if you want detailed versions in the spirit of true transparency, just request a call with us.

6:15 We’re always happy to walk you through exactly what we did in each case and share with you what the path to success looks like.

6:24 So now let’s talk about the growth options. We’ve made it simple for you with these three packages here. The basic package is designed for and suitable for local and small businesses with limited budgets, but big goals.

6:38 The Plus and Pro start with the same base, but with more content capacity, more words, and more add-ons like content promotion campaigns.

6:49 It includes internal links, a dedicated account manager, social sharing, and higher-quality content. We can also customize a package for you, specifically based on your budget and your needs.

7:01 So don’t think that anything is written in stone. Instead, book a call with us and see what kind of custom package we can tailor for you specifically.

7:09 Thanks a lot for your time, and if this speaks to you and it’s what you’re looking for for your business or website, book a call with one of our consultants today.

7:18 We can give you a free web assessment, consultation, and strategy with no obligation. It’s literally free but packed with value and actionable insights.

7:28 Thanks a lot for watching.