[Case Study] – Boosting Traffic and Leads for a Confidential Patient Monitoring Platform

Client Background

Our client is a patient monitoring platform operating in the health industry, providing solutions with a complex customer journey. Due to privacy concerns and an NDA contract, we are unable to disclose their name and brand. This case study represents just one of the dozens of clients we have worked with over the years through our white-label service, powering well-known agencies.


The client had been struggling for years to increase website traffic and the quality of leads, seeking a comprehensive solution that would boost their online presence and generate more conversions.


Our team at Incify implemented a multi-faceted approach to address the client’s challenges:

      1. Technical SEO maintenance: We ensured the website’s health remained above 90% as measured by SEMrush, optimizing its technical aspects for improved search engine performance.
      2. Ongoing internal link building: We strategically built internal links to enhance the site’s structure and boost its SEO value.
      3. Content production and recycling: Our team actively produced 4-5 blog posts per month while also refreshing old content to maintain relevance and engagement.
      4. Active link acquisition: We acquired 7-8 high-quality backlinks per month, strengthening the site’s authority and search engine rankings. 


    Impressive Growth in Traffic, Leads, and Customers

        1. 762 leads from organic search: Our efforts resulted in a significant increase in high-quality leads, with 762 leads generated through organic search alone.
        2. 76% increase in organic traffic in 7 months: The multi-faceted approach led to a substantial 76% increase in organic traffic within just 7 months.
        3. 157% average increase in new contacts per month: Our efforts contributed to a notable 157% average monthly increase in new contacts.
        4. 573 customers from organic SEO: The strategy paid off, resulting in 573 customers attributed to organic SEO, as reported by Hubspot. 

      Please note that we are unable to provide a testimonial for this case study due to the confidentiality agreement with the client.

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